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Beth poultry farm is brainchild of Bethuel sithole, a passionate community member who is committed and enthusiastic social entrepreneurs. This exciting company is to promote the creation of jobs, women and youth empowerment, economic development and poverty alleviation. It features key stakeholders such as the youth and women, customers, suppliers and the wider community. The business will specialise in the production and sale of chicks and chickens. The business will essentially purchase fertile eggs and incubate them, the chicks will be selling to small chicken farms and some will be raise to be sell as the full grow chicken.
We will also purchase ready to lay pullets and raise them through their productive cycle. The pullets we will be put together with the rooster to produce a fertile eggs. The company has already identified a suitable location for the business. The company shall be based in the Dumphries B (Mpumalanga Province), South Africa

The key success factors in the Poultry Industry encompass the following:

Reliability: this key success factor pertains to delivering the right quality and quantity of chicks and chicken meat to customers at all order or purchase occasions

Convenience: this in terms of being in close proximity to the customers. Customers usually purchase from suppliers in close proximity to their business in order to cut down on transportation costs 

Focusing on a niche markets rather than targeting the mass market
Employment of technology in raw material processing, production, marketing, distribution and back office support.  
Responsiveness to disease outbreaks: one disease outbreak can eliminate all the birds used in meat production. It is therefore important to watch out for all disease outbreaks and exercise the necessary prevention and control measures
Quality and quantity: the nature of the business is such that it is a high volume, low profit margin model. About 60% of the costs are attributed to the feed requirements of the chicken. It therefore important to sell in large quantities in order to make a practical return. Quality in terms of taste and health benefits is another key success factor as most consumers are very particular about these.
Affordability: as the industry features many players, customers usually opt for the lowest price. Additionally, considering the fact that meat are generic products, it is important that the price is always right

Tell us what you need and we will be happy to assist. The most important information we will need would be numbers of of chicks or chicken and place where you want us to deliver. Please forward this information via the contact form or, if you would prefer, send us an email or call us directly for assistance